Carol Head

Five days before Barb and Al headed to their winter home in Palm Springs, I stopped on my way to the farm for a little visit. I couldn’t help but admire the excitement on Barb’s face, knowing that she wouldn’t have to face the harsh cold of winter here in Grande Prairie.

Al was sitting in his swimming pool area, surrounded by his beautiful tropical plants. We reflected on the joyful times we’ve shared. I had a print of a picture I had taken to give them, a memory of one of their mares and foal. It’s in these moments of reminisce that a song comes to mind, “The Dance” by Garth Brooks. Little did we know the sad news we would soon receive.

We all remember Al for his infectious enthusiasm and his willingness to lend a helping hand. I’m not sure if Mike would have hauled farming equipment across the river for just anyone, but for Al, he did it with a smile. I’m grateful that Mike had him driving the combine this fall.

As we come together in this moment, let us remember Al not for the sorrow of his passing, but for his love of life and the way he embraced it to the fullest. In his memory, may we also find the inspiration to cherish every moment and live life with the same enthusiasm that he did.