Friends of Al

A handful of the messages received following Al’s departure:


“Al was a good friend and mentor. We are so very sorry for your loss.  We have many memories of his friendship and support and we are very grateful to have known him”.

“His humble and soft-spoken demeanor did not mask his great mind and energy as one of Alberta’s great entrepreneurs.”

“Your dad was so darn good to me and I really missed our visits over those years. He had time for me. I loved his deadly sense of humor. He gave me insight into a time that I was just old enough to catch the tail end and witness but never fully understood. All the way around he was a special person.”

“He was one of a kind.”

“He was a great man.”

“He was a special man.”

“Al always seemed to have time for everyone.  He was indeed an incredible man”

“He was an amazing man with a drive and vigor for life that is enviable”

“He was so engaging.  You won’t find anyone better.”

“Al and all of your family were such an important part of our lives both personally and professionally.”

“Just two weeks ago Al came out to our shop and it turned into a beautiful hour long visit filled with laughter and memories.  Hard to believe he is gone.”

We heard about Al  For some reason it sounds strange to me to say your Dad because he has always been Al. Nothing can be said to ease the loss but Oh what a legacy!”

“He was always such a good friend and always fun to be with.”

“I’m deeply saddened to hear about Al.  In our short time together he taught me lessons, gave me bits of wisdom and provided counsel that has changed my life for the better.  I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work on your farm and to be able to build a relationship with his family. You are incredible people.  I’ll cherish the time I got to spend with him for the rest of my days.”

“I really enjoyed the time I spent with him and truly admired his work ethic and vision”

“Your Dad was always just the same as when I met him over 20 years ago.  He never really aged to me after that.  He was a wonderful man with a wonderful family.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Al for the first time at RU this year and he was so engaging.”

“What a worthy tribute that matches the unique individual that he was.”

“He made a huge impact on all of us and we will remember him.”

“He truly was such a gentleman and a pillar of our community.”

“Losing a father is a profound and painful experience, and I can only imagine the grief you must be going through.”

“I wanted to reach out and share my condolences for the passing of Al Side. I know I enjoyed my relationship with him over the years.  It was always interesting to me to see how many times our paths crossed in doing business in Alberta. After a while I would chuckle when I went into a room, AGM, or business meeting at how unsurprising it was to see Al Side supporting and believing in the same companies as I did.”

“Al was a pillar of the Grande Prairie community, and he will be sorely missed. He made this world a better place.”

“You and your family know more than anyone what a community builder and visionary he was and more importantly your parent/Dad!”

“I have memories of seeing him in the community and also at the golf course and he was always kind and had a special smile and friendly eyes and a hello.”

“Al was such an amazing man – intelligent, caring, fun and always optimistic. Life seem to bring him daily joy – his love of family and friends always present.”

“Al was a long time friend and a mentor to many, including me. He was a giant in his space and helped many of the area entrepreneurs do amazing things during good times and tough times. I have  great memories of times spent with him, flying around in old airplanes with a wild pilot called Fred.

We will miss him.”