Gracie Pasia

Al is one of the most kindhearted people I’ve met; as everyone called him Grandpa, I did the same eventually. I’m Gracie, and I was their PSW for 6 years. I’m fortunate enough to have some memories and bonding moments. Grandpa is a very hardworking man, so active, a person who doesn’t know how to take any rest at all. That’s how he is. Palm Springs has been a special place for so many years of going down south every winter. During my first year in Palm Springs, Al always had road trips or things to do for us. We always go to the casino, which is Grandma’s favourite place, to have some entertainment and watch shows. I will not forget when we watched the Festival of Light’s Parade downtown; we totally enjoyed it, and it was memorable. I am beyond grateful for everything. I also remember that he treated us to celebrate my birthday at their favourite restaurant, Billy Reeds, which was special. He always had his praise for all of his grandkids, and that’s something remarkable for him. For the years I’ve spent with them, I witnessed how deep their love for each other is. Al and Barb’s partnership is immeasurable and one of a kind. His passing saddened everyone’s hearts and was so unexpected. Fly high, Grandpa. Thank you for all the unwavering support, love and kindness; I am truly honoured our paths crossed and was able to take care of you for years..