John Glass

I have known Al for 48 years and enjoyed his company at work and at his home with Barb. I had the privilege of a visit with him on October 10th for 3 hours at the farm and at the horse track Casino for lunch. Our conversation come around to the time he took me out to see the farm when he first bought it. The only building on the property was the original house, a prefabbed catalogue order from a company in Toronto which the owner had built back in the 1930’s. He was 96 years old and living in a retirement home when he sold it to Al. Al and I went though the place which had many old magazines, National Geographic & Readers Digest, from the 30’s & 40’s, lying around. Al wanted to get on with building his new home on the property and burnt this old house down much to the concern of the RCMP and local fire department. His comment to me at our last lunch together was ” I shouldn’t have burned that place down. All that real old lumber I probably could have sold for a good buck”. We had a good laugh.
So many great memories.
My condolences to you Barb and to all your family. And thank you for the many times you had to put up with me for dinner. I live in Edmonton but still visit Grande Prairie and Al would have me over for dinner giving Barb little notice.