Michael Mohr

The few interactions that I had with Al Side caused me to have a great respect for this gentleman. Small in stature but very big in heart. He rarely caught a ride in the “company” aircraft. “The plane was so that our people don’t have to drive the Pine Pass, especially in the winter.” He usually visited me in the cockpit at least once each flight. Unfortunately it always seemed to be when I was busy with ATC and so our visits were short. Often, with a modicum of pride, he would remark “What a great plane this was,” before he returned to his seat. There was not a flight where I did not have to admonish him for trying to do my job and handle the suitcases, whether loading or unloading. Some of those suitcases were heavy, even for me. My best memories of Al will be about how he doted on Barb. The air stair into the plane was a real challenge for Barb. It was only under his close supervision that he allowed me to closely follow her up the stairs in case she slipped. My last memory was just the day before he passed – that time was the only time he listened to me when I would not let him be our baggage handler. Rest in Peace, Al. You have certainly earned it.